The BTCA Board holds meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month at LaCaretta. Please join us and let us know how/what you would like to contribute. We discuss our accomplishments and our community needs. Brainstorming sessions are a valued part of each meeting to discuss how we can make our community the best possible version of itself.

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Bernard Terrace Civic Association Board Members  

Martha head shot.jpg

Martha Wheems



Jeannette Dubinin

Vice President

Audrey head shot.jpg

Audrey Grismore

Secretary/ Treasurer


Chuck O’Brien

Board Member

Dan's head shot.png

Dan Gunther

Board Member

Keith 2.png

Keith Horn

Board Member

We are in need of two more board members. Elections coming soon. Stay tuned…..

quesition  mark.png

Who else is going to serve the community?

quesition  mark.png

Beefing up our board!